Friday, June 01, 2007

Motivation Through Public Shaming

To break from the essays we finally started writing, to talk about the other kind of writing we haven't done enough of by a long shot.

That being script writing, me and Sous Rature's initial collaboration. (Well, actually, our first collaboration was a fake news magazine of a sci fi universe for a rather unique club, but anyway...). We haven't managed a new work in quite some time in spite of having come up with what I think are some pretty good ideas.

Enter Script Frenzy. It's like that National Write a Book Month, but for playwrights and screenwriters. And we've entered.

The possibility of public shame has been one of our chief motivating factors so I thought I'd announce our attempt here.

So you know if at the end of the month if we for some reason don't mention this again, we failed.

We haven't selected the story yet, and seeing as the month started today that's not a good sign. But in all reality the bulk of the writing will be done in the last week of June anyway no matter what our intentions are.

Hopefully this will jump start us again. I'm beginning to really hate Reality Shows.


  1. My one attempt at screenwriting came during the very first Project Greenlight. My partner and I talked about it for weeks, but didn't bang out the screenplay until the day before it was due.

    It was bad.

    I kept a copy for a long time just to remind myself how bad it was, and how I should never try something like that again. It involved a Philosophy TA and a student/stripper named Stormy. The wrist was that she was a dominatrix as well.

    Now you know why I stick with poems.

  2. Still sounds better than the only attempt at poetry I made...

  3. Anonymous9:16 PM

    That seems interesting and all, but the site doesn't seem to address who owns it, are you sure they won't try to claim a stake in this assuming of course that it turns out to be worthwhile.

  4. Well, we've decided to write a play, so they can have their $8 it might make...;)