Friday, July 06, 2018

Sandwich Idea: Package Bot

It's been a while since the actual premise of this blog has been used, but I had one just now and this is the most appropriate venue. Here it is:

Package Robot!

Combines the following technologies:

Shipping alerts (like, an alert that tells you when an item has arrived, USPS offers this (what I was perusing when this came to me), I'm sure other do.

Doorbell cameras.

Automatic doggie doors.

Frickin' Robots, not much more complicated than a roomba.

Surely you see where I'm going with this. You get a notice that your packaged has arrived but you're not home. Cool. Check the doorbell camera, there's that little bastard. SEND IN THE ROBOT! A pusher/grabber style robot is then deployed, the bottom half of the door opens for the robot, not big enough for a person but for a package, also only open while something is going through it. The robot comes out, grabs and pushes the package into your house closes up and you're done!

Since I don't have any idea how complex the problem solving software would need to be to make the robot figure out how to get the box through the door nor any idea how complex the robot itself would be to build, I don't have to burden myself with practicalities, I can just go, "Wouldn't that be cool?" The joy of a sandwich idea. Anyway. Sandwich idea. If someone reads this and makes it, send me a sandwich. Or a package robot and I'll order sandwiches and the package robot will get them for me!