Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Illusion of Productivity

First, let me get the fun stuff out of the way.

In the last post you'll notice I've taken to filming me, my brother, and my nephew playing with R/C trucks. Well, we made a bunch of them, all with original music and some even with a kind of story.

You can see the whole series here at my brother's YouTube page. Be sure to check out his actual songs as well. Worth it.

Now that we've dealt with that, on to other projects. I am knee deep in still born projects that never got off the ground. One of the ones that got closest, and I thought was the coolest, was a series of interviews with street performers in San Francisco.

I did actually manage to make a few of those recordings and now, years later, I've decided to put up what I have on the Albatross blog. You can read the full explanation here.
And the first interview is already up, which you can read here.

That should do it for now. So, to recap: Playing with trucks to original music, first link. Street performers, second and third link. Enjoy!