Tuesday, June 26, 2007

General Bitching

The purpose of this blog entry is just to publicly announce that I am a serious stress monkey at the moment, and thus, not especially engaged here. just a short list:

1. I am moving. My roommate is being awesome about it, and knowing the other stuff on this list, is not bitching me out for taking my time even though he is so jazzed about the whole thing that we're already half moved and our last day here is Saturday.

2. I am teaching seven classes, and will be going up to eight next week (four is full time for a teacher). I can handle it, and the money next month is gonna seriously rock.

3. Almost everyone I know is having some crisis or another, including my brother, who may actually be spending time in jail due to a Dukes of Hazzard style feud with a local cop in Southwest Oregon, and my parents can't help out financially because they are strapped due to a number of their own misfortunes.

4. My dad wants his laptop yesterday, and the purchase a computer by committee thing is driving me crazy, especially when people assume that I've dropped the ball when I don't jump on it instantly given all the other shit going on in my life.

5. I have a succession of houseguests (all of whom are absolutely welcome and should not take this venting as any kind of hinting around) that started when the move did and will continue through the end of next month.

6. Walrus and I are supposed to be writing a play, and it's just not happening (despite numerous breakthroughs and Walrus's being extremely understanding about it all despite his own personal crises).

7. I am trying to undertake a major personality/lifestyle/philosophy overhaul, and it really can't wait.

8. Student loan people have come a-knockin' along with various other creditors and obligations that are all manageable, but a huge hassle nonetheless.

9. I should be asleep right now.

Anyhow--sympathize, mock, whatever, but I probably won't notice in my general fugue until it's over--see you all when I see you.

Sous Rature


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Holy fucking shit!!! You have to work forty hours a week!!! Oh the humanity!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!
    Just to let you know, I have contacted the ACLU, the Revrend Al, Paris Hilton's lawyers and Hamas. You are like a prime candidate for martydom. Something is seriously not right in this country when people have to actually endure responsibilty. Maybe Mr. Moore can do an expose on that. But on a lighter note, you know I am just ribbing you Peppermint. I miss you. I miss you alot. Like alot alot. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to bust your balls. Love you!!

    George W's neighboor to the south, Thor.

  2. God will help you through these most difficult of times. Amen.