Sunday, December 21, 2008

VW Bus in Bullrun II

I know who I'm rooting for this year.

Bullrun is the quasi-road rally reality show that moves from Spike to SPEED this year that breaks up its 'rally' sections with precision driving challenges. Last year's season went to a Trans Am against an old Olds and a F-150. Ultimately the show amounted to fuel capacity and navigation, the challenge dominating Lotus Exige was eliminated after getting lost on a second leg. The fragile Murcilago eliminated itself after the drivers tried to limp on by having their car towed through the legs of the race, providing validation for my dislike of supercars.

Now I have a reason (other than a thin part of the racing season) to watch the show.

You have to scan ahead to 6:21 to see the Bus that'll be taking it to the other tuner cars (unpimping their autos, as it were) this February: