Friday, June 27, 2008

Life Outside 'the' Demographic

It was a good run. It really was. Perhaps not as much as other generations have enjoyed because mine was over shadowed by the biggest, most self absorbed generation to date. But we made up for that by having all new, and some times self created ways of finding us and selling to us while pretending not to. But lets be honest, not pretending all that hard.

But technically I've been out of the prime 18-35 demographic for a year plus now. It's been easy to live in denial because what I watch has always had the demographic feel of under-employed people with a wide range of passive medical problems who need to think about insurance, so I didn't get to notice as much.

But what really underscores me not being in the prime demographic is this ad for a new LG phone-

These toolboxes irritate me so much I may be compelled to slap anyone who has their phone. (I just said this to someone else and felt I needed to expand on it here).

Now granted, I never really liked many of the 'spokespeople' for the things that were aimed at me, but I understood them if begrudgingly. Here, I'm just irritated. I feel like the tag line should be, "LG Shine, the phone for the shallow end of the pool."

It's not the worst case of the shallow sell on TV, not by a long shot. But my aggravated 'old man on the porch' reaction underlines one thing clearly. I'm getting old.

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