Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Gran Turismo Wish List

This won't be very deep, or probably very interesting to anyone but me. But I feel after four versions and the new version looking to have the same thing I have to get it out there, and an unread blog is just a hair under useful as sending in a letter. So here I go-

Dear Sony-

Look, the only reason I even have a Playstation is because of Gran Turismo and likely the only thing that will get me to shell out the coin for a PS3 is Gran Turismo, and the sad, sad reality of it is I'll probably still buy one even if you keep making the same old thing. But it'd be swell to get some of these problems addressed.

First, enough with the replays. Okay, we get it, they look great. But in reality, you stop watching them after the first night. If I want realistic looking racing, I have the Speed Channel. The part you watch shouldn't be more impressive than the part you play.

Second, I have friends. Crazy, I know. And even a few of them play this game. It'd be fantastic if the multi-player mode wasn't an after thought. Like, seriously, do I have to go all the way out to the main menu to adjust race conditions in two player mode, like number of laps? Really? Also, if I'm using cars from my garage (and good lord, why wouldn't we be?) I should be able to make adjustments to my car so that if the last time I was running my 1970 Superbird was for a high speed run at the test track, I can still use it in a race at the high speed ring without having to go into my game to make adjustments.

While we're at it, there are enough cars in the game the the races can make sense, but instead I'll enter a race where it's five race cars from three different series (including mine) and then an unmodified street car for some reason. I can deal with the cross series racers, it doesn't have to be but it's not a deal breaker, but really, the street car? Is it a disgruntled pace car driver? What the hell? It's like when slotless toy racers decided to add that 'blocker' van as a gimmick. Except it makes even less sense.

Let me paint my cars. I'm not even asking for the awesome Forza customization, but at the very least let me change the color of my car. Also, bring back race modifying my car-and while we're at it, let me pick my number.

This one might be a little late for the final edition of Gran Turismo 5, but embrace club racing. It be fantastic if I could be working local races trying to get an invite to the SCCA run offs, or the Japanese or European or Australian equivalents, working my way up to professional level racing. To this end, a calender would be great.

There's more, but honestly if I got half of what I've already asked for I'd be a fairly happy man.

The adjustability thing in two player mode applies to on-line as well.


  1. Anonymous7:14 PM

    You have some good ideas, for me a better two player mode would be enough....for now

  2. Also this game could use 100% more X-MAN. What, do you want a hero biscuit?

  3. All racing games would benefit from more X-Man. It's a license to drive, not to destroy...