Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm Not Alone!

Thank you Stumble, I needed that.


  1. Anonymous2:28 PM

    stumble has a way ofmaking you realize you aren't the only one with those thoughts....

    Side note, if I were an aspiring moive writer I might take the events to come early next week as a chance get something on the big screen, but then I don't know your thoughts on unions either....

  2. I like the WGA and see it as the only way to stand between me and the production companies-even with the poor job they have done with it, things would be so much worse for the writers without it.

    The only bonus for me is that the increase in reality shows that will happen if the strike is prolonged will result in more field work for me.


    The only way to have benefited would have been to get a script in while they were stockpiling.

    Right now we have to commit to entering a contest of some kind just to get ourselves going.

    I just bought my own boom pole and shotgun mic (Hello, NSA, nothing to see here...) so I only have...ugh...another $3000 of equipment to buy before I hopefully move up to a position making a living wage and I can set aside money to film the short.