Monday, February 06, 2006

Proposed New Laws

If you botch parallel parking more than two or three times, you have to give the spot up to the next person.

It is possible to have your horn privileges revoked.

There should be a picture of a zipper on every "merge" sign.

Creation of a 'tourist lane' in areas with lots of tourists.


For what it's worth, the Dodge Caravan is the most functional minivan, the Buick Lacrosse at the very least has a more powerful feel and better appointment than the Pontiac G6, the new Malibu Classic feel more plasticy than my old Malibu Classic, and they won't let me drive the Mini. Bastards.

This would be a lot more interesting if it weren't for the confidentiality agreement I had to sign. Another benefit to working film or documentaries, I can actually talk about what I'm doing. Though with all this "I'd tell ya, but I'd have to kill ya" nonsense now makes me chuckle when I listen to Nancy Sinatra's Last of the Secret Agents, which is a song I just discovered. I'll make a separate entry about the sudden fascination with Nancy when I don't have to get up early to drive a van full of lighting equipment. (Curses, I wanted to work in camera or sound...the lighting person seems sour, the sound person was a fellow Banana Slug...How in the hell do so many Slugs get work? Vocationally UCSC wasn't the greatest school...)


  1. So was this the gig you were praying for? Did my chicken dance sacrifice work for you?

  2. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Merge with a picture of a zipper? All people need to realize that the person actually on the highway has the right of way, speed up or slow down as necessary to get your spot on the highway and don't expect me to interrupt the flow of traffic to let you in....maybe I am looking at this from an "east coast eye" maybe you're talking about when the traffic in bumper to bumper all stopped on the 80 right before the MacArthur maze and you're just trying to get on from the onramp at Ashby or Powell(yes I still remember that area, three years living in Alameda and I still remember the damn on ramps where Oakland meets Berkeley) saying "Damn I just got to get over that damn bridge. Someone just let me the hell on!!!" Then I'm ok with that whole zipper thing.

    BTW if you got that "M" thing congrats, hope it's everything you dreamed it to be.

  3. The "M" job is still in the air. This is just the reality show that I'm doing in the interem while I wait to hear back. It's a show you've all heard of, but I can't tell you what it is.

    There are a lot of things that are on bubbles right now and I"m working 12 hours a day so as to not be able to actively disrupt them.

    I actually have tomorrow (Tues.) off but I didn't find out until I was wrapped so I didn't actually have a chance to go home, until the morning (too tired to make the drive).

    And yes, I'm refering to thick traffic.