Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Machine

The mind, as is often pointed out, is a funny thing. One cannot always insist that it work only on things that are relevant or useful to ones situation. Occasionally the self-motivated little bastard will haul off and solve a problem or come up with a solution to something that has nothing to do with what you're doing or aspiring to do.

The problem is, sometimes, these are good damn ideas. But that doesn't mean you want to spend the rest of your damn life developing and pursuing the realization of that idea. We can't all live the lives of Franklin, Edison, or Popeil. Nor would we want to. The idea of having to draft Billy Mays to hock our product makes me shoot upright in the middle of the night screaming. Well, not screaming. Or waking up. Or...look, we just don't want to do it.

Sometimes it's just an idea that would be cool. We just want it to exist and we're not that interested in the potential profits or pitfalls of it existing. This is not to say that we oppose those who do patent or get wealthy off their ideas-hell, more power to 'em. We just have other things we want to do with our life.

So, the proposal is this-The Sandwich Machine. From a discussion we determined that it would be great if there were just a machine that we could go to, give it our ideas, and based on the merit of those ideas it would give us a sandwich. That's all. We're not asking for much. Just a sandwich. If the owner of the machine got rich off our ideas maybe s/he'd be compelled to send us another, better sandwich.

And so that is the premise here. We are collaborators who occasionally come up with ideas that don't fit the career goal of our collaboration. Sometimes there are worthy discussions (we think) that get lost in the ether as idle away the time we really should be spending on our sellable (hopefully) creative works. It is an exercise as well as a chance, like most blogs, to connect people we know that don't live near each other anymore (including us). And hopefully to keep those we know up to date on our works and their production.

And, if you find some of this useful, perhaps you can send us a sandwich now and then. My favorite is Chicken Parmesan.

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