Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Back to "Reality"

I'm back to whoring my self for reality television. Not as a contestant, naturally. I once again have no idea what the show is. I know it's in its third season and they just ordered some new episodes for the mid-season. I really just hope it's not a mean-spirited one. For whatever else Reality Television is responsible for, it has generated a lot more work for freelancers. That doesn't mean I'm about to watch it, but that doesn't make me much different than the other people who crew these things.

This will fill the time between now (well, two days from now) and when M. (the show that I dare not speak its name) gets back to me. Which I hope is to tell me that I'm soo totally hired. (actually, the person doing the hiring is Australian, so while she won't say it that way it amuses me to think she might...) So for the next week or two continue to sacrifice those chickens and goats. Turns out it's not a 'till April' gig, it's a year long one. On a show I watch anyway. Happy dance.


  1. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Glad to hear you are getting meaning full work in the "biz". Congrats to you, I know I like to fill my time working on screenplays that already have interest from somewhere down about lala land, but hey that's just me...anywho glad to see amusing stuff posted here by someone, even if it is a little bit ham and chesse. That's far better than a Sous Rature special a.k.a. a nothing sandwich.

  2. He's a slow starter on these things and not as willing to just splooge on the page as I am. Once he gets going it will get pretty insightful and interesting. I'm really just idling until he gets going, this is really just to provide a place for his essays. For me it's just to kill time, let people know where we're at. I kind of made a conscious decision to not talk about the writing so much here unless something really big happens. In one of the essays we'll eventually talk about the 'Rocket to Mars' to explain why. I honestly didn't expect anyone we didn't know to read this, at the very least not for a while.

  3. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Just want to say Rich sucks, cat's out of the bag I guess