Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pt.. 4:Ampelmann

This is the last post from Germany itself, but I'll do more when I get home. (not that anyone notices, but I gotta get it out anyway...) This one is short-just a quick note about the coolest walk/don't walk signs, like, ever.

Turns out, whatever else the GDR had going on in terms of socialist effeciency and drab fuctionality...when it came to their pedestrian crossing lights, they had a touch of whimsy. Rather than a simple stick figure walking or not walking as the case may be, they had this stylish fellow:

Alright, it's hard to take a picture at night, but it's essentially a little man with a hat holding his arms out for don't walk, and steppin' out for walk. And he's just damn likable.

The rest of Berlin has taken to him as well, whenever a walk sign breaks, Ampelmann (traffic light man) takes the place. And a little cottage industry has sprung up around the bugger as well-

I don't know if I can look at the red hand and stick figure the same again...

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