Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Tube'd...

I finally broke down and put my old college documentary on YouTube rather than relying on UC Santa Cruz not noticing that it's still up.

So, here it is. Thus defeating my contrived attempts to keep my real name off the internet.


  1. My name is Brian, and I'll be your Phil today. Welcome aboard.

  2. One of the better Phills she's had.

    The goal for 2008 is to get her back in road shape after the vandilisation fiasco.

    Firefox refuses to give me a spelling for that word, so I'm rolling with it.

  3. Anonymous9:21 PM

    The plate look blurred out in all but the last part, or am i confused?

  4. It's an artifact of being compressed and then expanded. The original Quicktime file was squished to fit it on a college web page then expanded to fit YouTube. I thought that I maybe I should hide the liscense plate but then thought that no one would care or get so worked up, "Hey, we got his plate number! Let's fuck with him!" Even with a thumbs up in stumble upon only 133 people have seen it, and I suspect that I'm about a fifth of those as I kept checking to see why it was classified as porn...