Monday, July 30, 2007

An open apology to Terry Gilliam

I was discussing Terry Gilliam with my roommate last night, and was yammering in my usual film nerd kind of way about how disappointed I was with The Brothers Grimm. The film had seemed like Gilliam had compromised his way into one of the worst films of his career. I talked about how he really needs to stay out of the studio system, how the CGI, while fairly spectacular, distracted from the story rather than support it, as was the case with the non-CGI effects in Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (but I will also say that CGI isn't intrinsically a bad thing).

It all screeched to a halt when I realized that I hadn't actually seen Tideland, which certainly seems much more like what I was talking about as the direction Gilliam should be headed; even worse, I did pony up my nine bucks to see Brothers Grimm. It seems as though I should actually reward the behavior that I ostensibly encourage in an artist with my money, which is really about all that I can do.

So here goes--

Mr. Gilliam (in the extremely unlikely event that you should somehow come across a little-read blog by some random dude in California, perhaps while trying to find an actual sandwich machine), I have been a bit of an ass, and I will support the career and artistic freedom of one of my favorite directors by actually seeing his films. While Untitled Gorillaz Project might give me pause, I will see it, and, if I like it, I will see it again with others that I drag in by their hair if necessary; what's more, I will continue to support your endeavors, both in word and in action, as long as you keep taking risks and telling the stories that you need to tell in the way they need to be told (and I'll get around to renting Lost in LaMancha).

Again, apologies for the smug half-assery,

Sous Rature


  1. Didn't that movie come out like thirteen years ago?

  2. Actually, it was a 2005 release.

  3. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Considering the top keywords for Tideland are "repulsing and saddening", I will be watching this soon. Untitled Gorillaz Project may take a backseat.

  4. I suck. Sorry Gilliam...

  5. Ahh, I was just in Roseville yesterday, but not thinking about Terry Gilliam at all while eating at BJs and hitting REI for Smartwool socks.

    I don't worry too much over Gilliam's misses (and have not seen Tideland). Missing is an important part of hitting. Ridley Scott (and his brother) will admit as much, much less Stone, Kubrick (rest in peace) or anyone else willing to take risks.