Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sandwich Idea & Random Notes

A website for cell phones that lets users rate and comment on specific business, like "This Jack in the Box is stingy with the dipping sauce, this Cheveron won't give directions without having to buy a map (the instance that brought this on). Users can either log on and find a place that has good comments to do what they need on the road or check to avoid places that has stingy or just ass policies or employees. Or, if they're pissed off, tell someone about it. I think a lot of places don't give a shit about 'return business' because most of their business is transient. They can be dicks because by the time you find out you've already spent your money and you're gone. Franchises are supposed to curb this by offering a same 'standard' everywhere, but like a lot of things, that's a total sham. This is a way to punish the piss-poor and reward the cool.

It's raining like crazy right now. It has been for a long time. While I appreciate the readiness of the PG & E, but the trucks just waiting out front somehow not comforting.

The big gray Hum-Vee that lives around here is driving around in the rain, perhaps looking for situations that require a giant truck. Perhaps he's hoping it will be someone in a hybrid so he can use up that lecture he's been saving up...


  1. It might work for a while, but would be open to abuse the second companies found out about it. Down here in Florida, it's almost not worth it to look at the Miami Craigslist for a car anymore, because local dealers spam up the boards with their own ads.

  2. I hadn't actually thought about the companies fluffing thier own locations...

    Maybe if it was only for negative comments, so you could check and see if the place you where about to go to sucked or not.

  3. I only thought about it because I read something recently about a site named Gawker who was trying to get people to do celebrity sightings in LA. George Clooney found out about it and organized some friends to send out fake sightings like every ten minutes to fuck up the system. Brilliant.

    I was never a fan of ER, but I like a lot of the films he's done recently. Good Night and Good Luck was fabulous.

  4. I actually found that film to be a bit enemic, but well timed. There's a film and radio writer I've been putting off blogging about that did a Murrow movie a while ago, I haven't seen it yet but I plan to. (He also had a hand in writing Roots...the guy is cool as all hell...anyway...)

    I've had two ideas on the whole poparatsy or however that's spelled-start a publication about thier personal lives-at least the stars would buy it...

    The other is to make flags and umbrellas out of reflectors that would wash out any photo taken with a flash. It would mean that all photos would then be daytime ones, but whatever.

    I guess that any user based content site will eventually be abused...I wonder what that says...