Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sandwich Idea

Boot chains. Sort of, like a cage for motorcycle boots. Racing boots have little studs on the outside of their boots, I think a little metal cage for the soul of a riding boot would be handy, certainly lengthen the life of your footwear, which can take a beating on a motorcycle. I suppose that you could put a little flint in there or something so you can drag your feet and make sparks. But really, it's for boot life.

This might already exist, I just didn't know how to look for it.


  1. Anonymous8:51 PM

    not quite a cage, but....

  2. I knew about those, I wanted something you could take off so you don't sound like a tap dancer for the rest of your day. The 'sparkies' for the knee is a nice 'proof of concept' for part of the idea...

  3. All right dude, you've hit the first wall. Got to come up with something. :)